Blakehurst Chiropractic offers intensive sports injury treatment to assist our patients regain fitness, maintain strength and get back to playing the sport they love the most. Our team is committed to managing injuries and treating each client holistically.

What Causes Sports Injuries?

Most often sports injuries are caused through direct impact to the area, overuse, or by using force that is greater than what that body part can actually handle. The most common sports injuries include sprains, bruises, strains, injuries to the joints and – believe it or not, also nosebleeds.

Sports Medicine Australia has made a list of the 12 most common local sports injuries. These include :

  • Injuries to the Achilles tendon
  • AC joint injuries
  • Injuries to the ankle
  • ACL injuries
  • Dental injuries
  • Injuries to the eyes
  • Support for breast injuries
  • Calf and hamstring strains
  • Meniscus injuries
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Cork thigh
  • Shin pains
  • Injuries to your soft tissue

If any of these injuries is preventing you from living your most active life, it’s time to consult a professional.

Treating Sports Injuries

Treating injuries is very important because not all problems can self-resolve and, as we get older, can actually become worse over time. If you have a sports injury one of two things will likely happen: you will not exercise at all or you will exercise over the injury and run the risk of making it even worse.

The nature of your injury will determine the most effective way to manage it. So many patients that get in touch with us want to know ‘what is the treatment for sports injuries. At Blakehurst Chiropractic we use a combination of treatments for best results. Some of the treatment modalities we may incorporate include:

Dry Needling

If you have a muscle or nerve injury our team may draw on dry needling to relieve your discomfort. Unlike acupuncture, dry needling is the insertion of fine needles into bands of muscle, in order to elicit a trigger point and pain relief response in your body.

Needles allow your therapist to go deeper than with massage therapy and to target very specific areas of pain or discomfort.

Remedial Massage

Through remedial massage your therapist can relieve stress, boost relaxation, improve circulation and speed up your road to recovery. Deep tissue massages,trigger point therapy and cross fibre techniques may provide you with relief from pains and strains in your tendons, connective tissues and ligaments.

Remedial massage is often used in conjunction with other treatment modalities in order to accelerate healing, and help the patient feel better.

Rehabilitation Through Exercise

Exercise rehabilitation is a highly effective way to manage sports injuries and recovery from procedures. These guided exercise classes are customised for your level of fitness or recovery and can assist you to regain and build muscular strength, improve your balance (and avoid falling in the process), increase your cardiorespiratory endurance and improve your overall mobility.

Managing sports injuries proactively

Working with a sports injury management clinic makes staying fit and healthy much more manageable. If you play sports regularly, your momentum and performance can be impacted by recurring injuries and overuse of muscles. If you plan to start a new sport or activity, working with a sports injury professional can help you to avoid injury and over-use.

At Blakehurst Chiropractic we work with our clients,modifying exercises and working closely with them to avoid injury and improve fitness. Through coordinated fitness and considered activities we can ensure our clients achieve and sustain their desired levels of fitness.

To find out more about our preferred sports injury treatment and how you can benefit, please get in touch with us: 02 9546 6033.